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Why create a personal website at all in 2018? Why not use a CMS?

I’ve been mulling this over in my head for quite a while. I want to make a personal website, and it needs to be substantial enough to be worth putting together, as well as fun for me to work on. My goal is to encode a piece of who I am as a person into these pages, and to do that I need to have absolute flexibility in what each page looks like.

For this purpose, it’s actually a feature for older pages to have a different look and feel than new ones, or for pages on different subjects to be wildly inconsistent. I want the feeling of visiting my site to be less like viewing a linear collection of posts, and more like meticulously examining the items on a cluttered desk. I don’t think or act like a linear, consistent feed, and neither should my site. Therefore, the reason this exists, is to give me a blank canvas on the internet that I can mold and shape as I will.

I want to encourage myself to use whatever tools I have on hand when I have an idea to be the same tools I use to publish on the site. For long writeups I’m writing in AppleWorks 6 & exporting to HTML, but I also would like to explore other mediums like Photoshop-generated imagemaps or HyperCard hosted in a classic Mac emulator.

Another goal of mine is that the majority of website should be completely usable on low end hardware. There may be exceptions (i.e. embedded emulators) but for the most part I’ll strive to have a website that is performant on my PowerBook G4.

I don’t plan to support RSS or any other way of allowing people to subscribe. I will handle this manually by posting on social media when I’ve made an update; I’d like to encourage people to stick around and explore this weird thing.